Fine art photography and digital artist

I like to tell stories

What started as an interest in photography has turned into an effort to create a career out of digital imagery. From taking pictures, to photo manipulation, to video and advanced multimedia, I want to tell visual stories Trying to take advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technology, I'm combining sound and video with traditional still photography, and telling my stories in online and mobile environments.

I am currently on a year long sabbatical to focus on the quality and craftsmanship of my work. Taking a step back from my freelance work, I am spending a year in Germany and traveling throughout Europe looking for new experiences, new inspiration, and to spend a lot of time creating images.

I'm on a mission

I'm on a mission to end the phrase, "I'm just not creative". Creativity isn't a gift or a special power bestowed on a lucky few. It's like a muscle, that can be developed and strengthen over time, but must consistently be exercised to see any real growth.

I'm spending an indulgent year living in Germany and traveling throughout Europe, working on my craft of visual storytelling through photography and digital art. Follow along.



A collection of images, video, and stories from the second edition of my work, focusing more on story telling, photo manipulation and processing and editing. Click on each image below to see more.


Hometown: Charlottesville VA

Currently: Wiesbaden Germany

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